[Schedule] IU at December 2011


Thursday,1 Dec ’11 :

  • [Broadcast] JTBC ‘News 10’ (10:00 PM KST)

Friday,2 Dec ’11 :

  • [Broadcast] KBS Music Bank comeback stage (06:10 PM KST) @gedung KBS
  • [Recording] SBS Radio “New Year’s Eve”

Sunday,4 Dec ’11 :

  • [Live Broadcast] SBS Inkigayo (04:00 PM KST) @gedung SBS
  • [Perform] Global village Love Concert (07:00 PM KST) @MBC Dream Centre
  • [Broadcast] Gag Concert  (09:05 PM KST)

Monday,5 Dec ’11 :

  • [Live Radio] MBC FM4U Sweet Sorrow Radio 91.9MHz (01:00 PM KST)
  • [Live Radio] SBS Park So Hyun’s ‘Love Game’ Radio 107.7MHz (07:00 PM KST)
  • [Live Radio] KBS Radio ‘Suju’s Kiss the Radio’ 89.1MHz (10:00 PM KST)

Tuesday,6 Dec ’11 :

  • [Recording] MK TV “SHOW K Music” @Henan Art Center
  • [Recording] YHY Sketchbook (07:30 PM KST) @gedung KBS
  • [Recording] KBS Open Concert (07:30 PM KST) @KBS Hall

Wednesday,7 Dec ’11 :

  • [Broadcast] KBS Radio ‘Cool FM DJ’ Sharing Concert (07:00 PM KST) @KBS Hall
  • [Live Radio] KBS 2FM ”Hong Jinkyung’s 2 o’clock”
  • [Recording] P.S I Love you Park Jung Hyun

Thusday,8 Dec ’11 :

  • [Recording] KBS 2TV ‘Win Win’
  • [Live Radio] KBS Yoo Inna’s ‘Pump up the Volume’ Radio 89.1MHz (09:00 PM KST)
  • [Live Radio] ‘Choi Hwajung’s Power time’
  • [Broadcast] JTBC Music on Top [fyi,Lee Hyun Woo yang ada di MV IU dan partner DJ brg sama IU di chinhanchingu yang jadi MC nya~]

Friday,9 Dec ’11 :

  • [Live Radio] KBS ‘Jeon Hyun Moo’s Music Square’ Radio 89.1MHz (01:00 PM KST)
  • [Live Broadcast] KBS Music Bank (06:10 PM KST) @gedung KBS
  • [Live Radio] MBC FM4U Music City I’m Sung Shi Kyung

Saturday,10 Dec ’11 :

  • [Perform] Guess perform at Lee seung gi’s Concert (07:00 PM KST) @Olympic Stadium
  • [Broadcast] MK TV “SHOW K Music” (07:00 PM KST)
  • [Show] MTV ‘The Show’ (08:00 PM KST) @Hongcheon synonymous Vivaldi Park
  • [Broadcast] MBC Sebakwi (11:00 PM KST)

Sunday,11 Dec ’11 :

  • [Live Broadcast] SBS Inkigayo (04:00 PM KST) @gedung SBS

Tuesday,13 Dec ’11 :

  • [Event] Ulsan Love Special Concert
  • [Broadcast] KBS 2TV ‘Win Win’

Wednesday,14 Dec ’11 :

  • IU’s Japan predebut-album
Sunday,18 Dec ’11 :
  • [Event] Union Bay Fansign

*note : yang dimaksud “Broadcast” ditayangin di TV-nya yaa…jadi yang punya TV kabel bisa nontonin…..

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