LOEN Staff Diary Update | 11/12/01 | 3:09 AM

Today, it would be a waste…. if these are never uploaded,
in order to greet everyone with joyful photos in the morning, uploading these new photos now at dawn. Tadah!

Today, let’s release some photos from the filming set of the ‘You and I’ MV which has met with warm response recently.

Presenting the 3 main actors in the cast of the music video!!!!!!

Posted Image

Flaunting the most superb acting skills out of the 3 actors!
Goose (Ms. Goose)

If the parrot featured ‘Good Day’ was a finely-trained professional actor,
then Ms. Goose who was featured in ‘You and I’ was a novice actress picked at random from the farm where she was freely running about with her friends, to enter this strange filming set.

However, quickly getting used to the strange atmosphere, with her outstanding acting skills and surprising ability to read the mind of the director, she showed us that she the one with the most super acting, leaving the staff present at the filming set in awe..

Posted Image

‘You’ whom IU met on her time travels
Main actor ‘Lee Hyun Woo’

IU’s same-aged friend born in 1993. He’s known for his bright and cheery image and beautiful smile on dramas usually, but he was more reserved than I expected, with a heavy expression… Rather than shushing the Noona fans who travelled a long way to the filming set to meet Hyunwoo, they had no choice but to go back home apparently…

Posted Image

Our main actress!! IU!! The strange IU who travels in time!!

It’s been awhile since bobbed hair IU made a comeback^-^
Completing the filming with Hyunwoo in an old-looking chocolate shop and fluttering the hearts of uncle, aunty, oppa and noona fans..

Posted Image

In the afternoon, continuing with filming after shifting to the strange filming set,
flaunting her improved and familiar choreography

During this time, however, we were filming the group dance so she’s wearing the black dress above,
which doesn’t have a skirt but shorts that look like a skirt (!)

It would be a pity if we just showed up to here right?

Releasing this … needless to say… torments me. Made up my mind!

This was slightly mentioned in an MV behind story that was released on some portal site…
showing the full story of that. “back.hug.scene”.


Posted Image

Still yelling here..

This scene was from the images of the future that IU was watching through the windows when taking the train in the MV (Or.. IU’s own imagination?) Filming this scene, in order to express that.

Originally I should have shown mild and natural images, but
but the awkward expressions of the two friends was obvious in this scene
so it’s a pity it was cut out during the editing process.

As you can see from the photo..
IU’s arm is frozen, her hand is trying to avoid..
From Hyunwoo’s expression, it seems he’s at a loss as to what to do..

The expression of the two teenagers
captured in this really shy and bashful scene. (hehe..)

It’s getting late, I can’t decide what photo to upload
The two main actors look really cute here so I decided to upload this.

^ㅡ^; (Please don’t be too angry..)

That’s all for today!
Well then, goodnight~~~ (and good morning!!)

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: LOEN staff diary

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